The kind of poetry we need right now...
but definietly not later.
— Famous Critic

PROSE&CONS is the debut poetry/humor book from Australian pseudo-author Jordan Wippell. Join him as he explores the pros and cons of hundreds of topics including; love, f(art)s, technology, god, aliens, death and even writing itself.

Using simple rhyme schemes and diverse formats, Jordan has a unique ability to make the silly, dark and profound shockingly accessible. Critics have called it “poetry for people who don’t like poetry,” others have just called it “poetry.”

Cleverly illustrated by Canadian artist Gwyneth Christoffel, this obnoxiously self-aware book is for fans of Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss and Michael Leunig.

Girl’s Best Friend tells a concise, character-warming story of inner strength, maturity, and responsibility.
— Killian Davies (Amazon Customer)

Delilah and her younger sister Elizabeth skip Bible study to traverse the local woods in pursuit of buried treasure. What they soon uncover is a tragic mystery that forces Delilah to take justice into her own hands and set an example for her little sister.

On the surface, Girl's Best Friend can be seen as a unique twist on the mystery genre but readers who are willing to take the time delving deeper will find a poignant exploration of innocence, womanhood and faith--wrapped in a timeless coming-of-age tale.